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“the devil is in the details”

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Vintage CIOCC Crowther with white leather handlebar kit, Alamrc style, Cinelli VIP style

1979 CIOCC San Cristobal built for Mercian founder Tom Crowther

Based in Shropshire, Velobitz has its background in the restoration of vintage racing and touring cycles. The key to any good restoration is in attention to detail and selecting the right finishing touches.


Whether you have a period correct racing bike or just love the retro look, modern accessories and parts often don't sit right on a vintage bicycle.


Here at Velobitz we are building a range of selected new parts and accessories that have that period correct look. Our Leather Handlebar Covers have proven to be a great success. Leather covers were added to Cinelli's VIP range in the late 70s, our covers add that same comfort, quality and style.


The time trial stop watch clips were used by the serious and more affluent time trialist during the post World War II years. We have a modern interpretation of the original British made 'Terry's' clip, with the added advantage of having stainless steel fittings.


Our Chrome Pumps are ideal for those craftsman built steel frames from the golden era of cycling when chrome was used for expensive frame detailing.


We hope the Velobitz shop will continue to expand as and when we find suitable items. Add Velobitz to your bookmarks and check back to see what we've found.