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We love the golden age of cycling through the 1950s, 60s and 70s when the bicycle was king.


Here we write about the vintage cycling items we like and love. Whether its some retro bling for your vintage thing, or an event or chance meeting with like minded people.

By Rob, Velobitz, Nov 28 2014 09:10PM

We recently supplied a custom white leather handlebar kit for a beautifully restored Pinarello Montello. The Montello was the flagship model of the Pinarello range in the 1980s. A website dedicated to Montello's and recording the restoration can be found here:

Its those finishing touches that make all the difference!

By Rob, Velobitz, Aug 4 2014 02:41PM

How do they do that?

If you've ever stood and admired the paintwork on a vintage bike the chances are it also had beautiful contrasting painted lines around the lugs. Its easy to assume they are painted with a brush, indeed some of the skilled craftsman painters did use brushes. However, many use the little known 'lug lining pen', the perfect tool for even lines.

We now have these available in our shop. So grab your chance to become a craftsman painter and add those all important paintwork details.

By Rob, Velobitz, Aug 1 2014 11:12AM

If you've managed to find a quality classic bike for some light or full restoration, chances are it has drop out adjusters. Many bikes can reveal a few horror stories with stuck stems or seat posts but one of the most common items to sieze up are the drop out adjusters.

It the past these have mainly been steel and very prone to bending, snapping or becoming stuck. When you finally get them removed our stainless steel adjusters make the perfect replacement. Much stronger and less likely to bend or sieze with the added bonust of a 5mm nut for inwards adjustment.

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