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Lug Lining Pen


Lug lining has long been a secret art of quality bicycle paint finishing by the master craftmen such as Major Nichols and Jack Taylor.

If you are planning some cosmetic or full restoration work of a classic bicycle the lug lining pen is an invaluable tool. The thickness of the line is adjusted by turning the metal screw wheel to produce a consistent variety of line thicknesses and works well with traditional enamel paints.
The nib is dipped about 10mm into the paint, the surplus paint is then wiped from the outer edges of the blades. It is best to get the pen flowing on a piece of paper.
The flat pen blade is used to follow the edges of the lugs and create the line.
The pen has a black plastic handle, steel nib and is 140mm long, supplied in a plastic dust wallet.
With a little practice you could achieve the results of a craftsman painter.